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Students FAQ's

This is because the course you are looking for is not available on website. This is a good opportunity for you to submit such course if you want to become an instructor.
You will not get any refund once you purchase any course. This is because you agreed to pay by looking at course curriculum and description.
This is because you violated the rules. For support you can contact to
You cannot change account name, therefore getstartedhub recommends you to choose account name carefully. Other fields are editable through profile.
Through account profile you can change password.
Write us at
You can terminate or delete your account by requesting at

Instructors FAQ's

An ideal course has video content, course articles, example snapshots and is packed with insights, examples, questions , quizzes for students to learn by doing and achieve their goals. Videos must be minimum 1 Hour and course article must cover minimum half hour reading contents.
Yes, we provide you templates to design course. You are always welcome to ask any query related to design course by writing us on
Write us at
No, becoming an instructor, creating, and hosting your course on Getstartedhub is completely FREE. We handle all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees.
Courses on Getstartedhub can be priced between $10 and $500 in tiers of $5 (for example, $10, $15, $25, $30, and so on).
Once course is purchased, the student has access to all course materials indefinitely till Getstartedhub blocks or shutdown course for any purpose like rules violations from course creator or students.
Yes, we do promote your courses with various social networking sites and advertisement.
Read our privacy policy and terms how we protect course contents.
Have at least 4 separate lectures.
Include valuable educational content which are not copied from any other sources.
HD Video Quality (720p or 1080p).
Instructor can check enrollment status by clicking on course itself or view course in all course section by searching with title.

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