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Registration After 06-Sept-2018 will be considered for Challenge Round-2

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Initial Challenge Information

Details of Challenge

There will be a new challenge on every Saturday for entire month (September).
You have to solve each challenge within defined hours.
You will get a complete cloud instance access.
  • 1GB RAM or more if required during competition
  • 1 Core CPU or more if required during competition
  • 25 GB Hard Disk or more if required during competition
  • You will get cloud instance details through email (After email verification and at the time of challenge)
  • Cloud instance will be accessible only during challenge period
  • Winner will get exciting prize.
  • Top 10 performer throughout series will get exciting goodies.
  • Top 10 referral will win exciting goodies.
  • Every registrations will get referral code by email after registration.
  • GetStarted may cancel this challenge at any stage due to technical problems.
  • Task/Challenge must be solved individually.
  • Group solutions will not be accepted.
  • If challenge solution/script/files found repetitive/copied. Those participants may get disqualified and become invalid participants.
  • If user details are invalid/fake, that registration may not be approved and considered as invalid registration.
  • Verified participants need to attend all challenges, then only he/she will be considered as valid participant.
  • If user do not verify their accounts after registration, that registration will not be considered valid.
  • Invalid participants (due to any reason) will not be eligible for any type of claim/claims*.
  • Terms & Conditions of free/complimentary benefits for participants will be published separately.
* 25% discount or free goodies or referral goodies or future free benefits.