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We leverage the services of open source Hadoop framework that supports companies in the storage and processing of massive data sets. No matter where you belongs the modest cost of commodity hardware makes Hadoop useful for storing and combining data such as transactional, media, sensor, machine, scientific, click streams, and more. The low-cost storage lets you keep information that is not deemed currently critical but that you might want to analyze later.

If you are struggling with interpreting Hadoop’s software framework and are doubtful about whether it will help your organization, we are here to help you.

We help you to understand and build data driven ecosystem which enables use of Hadoop software in you business businesses.

Hadoop’s unique storage technology is based on a distributed file system, so your organization will always have important data for analytics. When it comes to analyzing large amounts of data at a low cost, it’s hard to do better. Before Hadoop emerged, businesses relied on expensive servers for their data analysis.  Now the process has become a lot more organized and much more efficient with open source tools.

We apply open source advanced analytics to convert your historical and real-time streaming, big data into valuable insights. We offer a comprehensive services to help you resolve any data-related issue, we can make your data informative, and intuitive dashboards with reports or develop data governance strategy for your business.

Industrial and Home automation is connecting all the functional elements to a network (Internet of Things) and putting it to work togather for you to save your money and time. 

We build and support monitor to control your devices and track your devices from anywhere in the world, using smartphone, computer or tablet device.

Now IoT is essential part for every industrial organization to save time, money and gain valuable insights. 

Our expert data migration and ETL team provide comprehensive support to clients of all sizes and complexities. We can design, develop, and build custom ETL and data migration solutions that conform to industry standards and best practices. With open source tools extracting data from multiple source formats, including Relational Databases, XML, Flat Files, Information Management Systems and more becomes easy. 

We not only do ETL and migrate but also help with clean extracted data to ensure data integrity by removing unwanted data and build data warehouse for clean data. 

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